Laz and I started the #NotDEAFeted Deaf Awareness campaign on the 1st of September 2016. Celebrating 16 years since he lost his hearing and had a cochlear implant. We were on a one month mission to raise awareness and educate the public on deaf matters while sharing our personal stories.

We also had two challenges running (ILY Selfie & Sign your name Video clip) to show our support to DEAFSA in its efforts to have SASL (South African Sign Language)  recognized as the 12th official language.

The #NotDEAFeted Deaf Awareness campaign reached over 120 000 people to date, with local talent, broadcasting media houses & radio stations supporting our cause. Below are a few of the most shared posts… enjoy the read.

Waking Up to Silence        – by Laszlo Maya

#NotDEAFeted                    – by Laszlo Maya

#DatingTheDeaf                 – by Ruth Abercrombie

Learning to Live with It    – by Ruth Abercrombie

Something to Celebrate   – by Laszlo Maya

Patient 153                            – by Laszlo Maya