I (didn’t) KNOW MY RIGHTS!

I feel so ashamed of myself that people died for the rights that today I get to enjoy but don’t even familiarize myself with. I recently signed a document I had no business signing, because I didn’t read the fine print. While doing research on this topic, I realized that my human rights have been violated on a few occasions without me even being aware.


From Me to You…with Love

I speak spirituality and I am open about my political affiliation, so there is no way that I can generate income from my blog and I’m totally cool with that. I really am not prepared to compromise my voice for a media drop.

The Kid Needs Answers!

I know there is gonna come a time when it’s my birthday and she’ll make calculations and subtract her age from mine and I’ll have to have answers.


“How do you hear?” is a question I’ve heard countless times. “How does it feel to be deaf?” is a…

Bottled Poetry

When my plus one invited me on a road-trip to Cape Town, I was my forward self and put together…

My Trifle Life.

For the past month my life was kinda like that dessert made with fruit, a layer of sponge cake soaked in sherry and topped with custard- very “deurmekaar” … both sweet and sour things happening all at the same time.